• Vincent "Vince" Simons Interview, November 1988

    Simons, Vincent "Vince"

    Vincent “Vince” Simons describes moving to Montana from South Dakota by hopping a boxcar in 1931 in hopes of finding a lucrative job as a miner during the Great Depression. Simons recalls finding a jo…

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  • Frenchtown Residents Interview, March 8, 1976

    Dufresne, Goldie, Dufresne, Julian, Dufresne, Margaret, Dufresne, William, Dufresne, Anna Mildred, Reeves, Mamie, Williams, Louise, Van Holt, Julia

    Goldie Cole Dufresne, Julian Dufresne, Margaret Allen Dufresne, William Dufresne, Anna Mildred Mueller Dufresne, Mamie Reeves, Louise Williams, and Julia Dufresne Van Holt share their childhood memori…

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  • Bismarck tri-weekly tribune, vol. 1, no. 35

    Includes accounts of men involved in the gold strike in the Black Hills in 1875. Featured are Ed Donahue, California Joe, J.C. Dodge, Ben Ash, and George A. Custer, a reprint from an 1874 interview af…

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  • William Kamhoot Interview 1, circa 1963

    Kamhoot, William

    William “Bill” Kamhoot describes the lineage and history of the McIntosh’s, one of the first pioneering families in Rosebud County, Montana. Kamhoot recalls the early boundaries of the southeastern Mo…

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