Montana is a vast western state including the Rocky Mountains in the western portion and vast prairie lands in the central and eastern portions of the state. The landscape is beautiful, and the people are tenacious.

Farm & Ranch

Agriculture is a major industry in Montana and the family farm and ranch is the backbone of this mainstay.

Sports and Recreation

Montana provides many ways to recreate outdoors and to enjoy nature. Sports and games are also favorite past times to fill our long winter days.


Montana winters can be long and harsh. Some years we get vast amounts of snow, other years it is bitter cold, and in some cases, we get both - lots of snow and cold.


Mountains are often thought of when someone mentions Montana. Truthfully, we have more territory covered by plains than mountains, and they are beautiful too.


Montana has the spine of the Northern Rockies running through the state as well as several smaller mountain chains. They make for incredible hikes, vistas, and views.

Hunting & Conservation

Many Montana families rely on hunting and fishing as a main food source. It is also another popular reason for tourism to our state.

Crime & Justice

Criminal activity occurs in every state. These items explore the state's criminals, criminal records, judges, and justice reports.