Big Sky Country Digital Network

A Montana and North Dakota Partnership

Big Sky Country Digital Network (BSCDN) is a partnership of the Montana State Library, Montana Historical Society, Montana State University, the University of Montana and North Dakota State Library. These organizations bring together digital photos, maps, books, artifacts, oral histories and more from dozens of libraries, archives, historical societies and museums.

Collections by Topics

Below are some suggested topics to browse. Please use the search box above to search any topic – the topics below only touch the surface of the content available.

  • Agriculture

    Agriculture is still the base economic driver in Montana and North Dakota. These items document the history of agriculture in our states.
  • Mining

    Mining has provided boom and bust cycles in Montana and North Dakota that began in 1860 and continue today. Heavy metals, coal, and oil have all provided jobs, encouraged booms, and led to busts over and over.
  • Industry

    Big industry is not the first thing people associate with Montana or North Dakota. These images document the industries that have been important to our states.

  • Native Americans

    Native American tribes made their homes in Montana and North Dakota long before Lewis & Clark expedition traversed the area. These images and documents give a glimpse of life for Native Americans after white settlers arrived.

  • Homesteading

    Montana and North Dakota may have been settled later than other states, but homesteading played a major role in our development and growth. The images in this collection show the grit and determination of our early settlers.
  • National Parks

    National Parks play a major role in our states economies These beautiful places draw in millions of tourists each year. Montana serves as a gateway to Yellowstone National Park, is home to Glacier National Park, and North Dakota is home to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.